vineri, 14 iunie 2013

Creatura ga!

          The second edition of Creatura by Nely Cab is getting closer and we will get to see the new cover, but also the improved content. We need as many bloggers as possible for both reveals so don’t forget to sign up with your blog.


Prize: Creatura Bookmarks
Winners: there will be three winners that will receive two bookmarks each
Open: June 14 – June 30
What you have to do?

1.If  you are a blogger go on and sign up for the events. You will receive one point for each event.

2. If you are not a blogger, every help is much appreciated. Go on and share this giveaway on Facebook, Twitter or any other social network you know. You will receive one point for each link.
And this is all. Easy right?

Just write me in the comments the name  with which you signed up in the events or the links to where you shared.