marți, 18 iunie 2013

Beauty and fashion

Fashion.Clothes.Beauty.Glamour.Sparkles.Be beautifull wearing beatifull clothes.

People often say "Clothes don't make the men",but I think clothes do make the man.Make his image,make his fortune and chances.An well dressed woman has more chances to get a job then an woman that doesn't really cares how she gets out of her house.
Clothes improve the selfimage and give confidence.

When an woman finds the right clothes for her personality and for her body shapes,she becomes more confident in her beauty,in her unicity and thinks,at least once in her life,she can do anything that day.An confident woman can change the world's face.
An woman thinking she's beautifull is a happy woman.Happy women attract men more then sad and introspect women.

Women can change their life with one smile and the perfect dress.

God created women to be cheerfull and well dressed.To be beautifull and atractive to men.
An inteligent woman is well dressed.
An confident woman is well dressed.
An romantic woman is well dressed.
An happy woman is well dressed.

What does it mean "well dressed"?
Two things:

1.find the right clothes for your body shapes.
2.follow the designers' advice in every season and make yourself a nice closet.

Now,go and fill your closet with beautifull,comfortable clothes!

Make your body glow in beauty and feminity!

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